What if we Gave it ALL to God?

I’ve been pondering and meditating on what it would look like if I completely rendered my life to God?

Among other things it would include, surrendering all my thoughts, 100% of my eyes, everything that goes into my ears, the taming of my tongue (words), all “my” time, talents, treasures – all my decisions…myself would “die” to self.

And what would happen if I did that, gave it ALL to God?

I want to find out.

This is the life of obedience that the Lord deserves. I am created in His image, and I am therefore to give Him all that I am.

One thought on “What if we Gave it ALL to God?”

  1. I also have been thinking about what would my life be like if I truly gave my whole life, in all areas, to the Lord. I believe that there are opportunities in life and ministry waiting to be had that up until now the Lord has kept back because He wants a surrendered life. I want to experience all that God has for me and to be used by Him in these dark times for His purpose and glory. God bless.

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