Bogota, Colombia and the Whosoevers!

Here are just a handful of highlights…pulled from a million different things God was doing on this trip. No exaggeration, it was amazing in many ways! Somewhere between 95-98% of the youth responded to the testimony and Gospel invitation from Ryan Ries to receive Christ – people were saved on the streets, in schools, in churches, outreach – it was very ACTive – praying it all sparks a revival (I know it did in my heart). And then – on top of all of that, how cool it was to hang out with these guys!

Hector in the Mosh Pit

During our recent Mission’s trip with the Whosoever’s to Colombia we almost lost our translator Hector Martinez when free product was being given away. When I first saw the video in my hotel room, I laughed so hard it brought me to tears. Thank God he wasn’t hurt…such a cool brother!

A New Year’s Message


I want to know Christ more, and make Him known…

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