Prayer Requests & Praise Reports


So much has been going on, so much is coming up…how I need to pray!  If you would join me in seeking the will and "well" of the Father, I would be blessed! 

1. Tomorrow (July 4th) there is an outreach going on at Cornell Corrections Center, in the city of El Monte. May many lives be touched and transformed, may God rain down salvation.

2. We are praying about starting up an orphanage in Rosarito, Mexico.  Can you imagine that?  "Starting up" an orphanage in Mexico – the only possible way is through Him, and His power on high – we just need to know His will.

3. We are praying about doing 4 outreaches in the city parks of El Monte, geared primarily towards the kids.  This would be an awesome way to enter into our Vacation Bible School.

4. I also want to praise God and thank you for your prayers for my mom and me.  My mom has finished her chemotherapy and we are awaiting the final results as to determine whether she needs radiation.  Up to this point – the tumors are gone!  As for my high blood-pressure, the doctor was absolutely blown away, at my last appointment my blood pressure was a bit BELOW average.  Once again, more decisions will be made at my next doctor's appointment…but no matter what, I will praise Him.

Father, I thank You so much for allowing us to cry out to You, to look up to You, to fall down and pray only for Your will.  Lord, You are the Savior…may You save souls, on the 4th, at the 4 outreaches, at VBS, and every opportunity You might make.  Lord, I know You love the orphans…if it's Your will, may we be a part of You starting up this Orphanage?  Lord, show us Your will.  And Father, I thank You so much for touching my mom, for the shrinkage of the tumors, for You loving and drawing my mom closer to You.  Father I pray that she would be healed, and totally cancer free.  I love You, and thank You, in Jesus' Name I pray.

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