Rosarito, Mexico – Outreach/Orphanage

This last Saturday we were blessed to go down to Rosarito, Mexico for a couple of reasons.
First off, we're praying about starting an orphanage. Some of the guys worked on the house and mapped out a plan.
The rest of the group served in an outreach at the park. We gave away food, clothing, toys and most important of all…the gospel. It was so cool to see the people respond and make professions of faith.
Please continue to keep all this in prayer!Rosarito, Mexico - Outreach/Orphanage

3 thoughts on “Rosarito, Mexico – Outreach/Orphanage”

  1. Manny, I have to say that trip was a huge blessing for me. My thought was to go out there do some work and feel good about myself. God had other plans! As we made out way through the lines at the boarder, God showed us what a huge responsibility this is. Seeing that little girl from one of the other orphanages out on the street reminds me everyday that this is the real deal. This can’t be a place for them to lay their heads for awhile.

  2. Hey Steve. So far we’re the only ones working on the orphanage (as far as churches from the states). We’re working together with Calvary Chapel Horizon, in Rosarito (Pastor Juan Flores). We have gone and visited La Posada a few times…it’s so awesome what the Lord is doing! Hopefully I will post a video within the next couple of days, regarding the orphanage.
    Bring back memories?

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