The Holy Bible!

In tonight's study we will be covering a very vital verse out of the book of Deuteronomy, the 4th chapter, verse 2 – "You shall not add to the Word which I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you."

It is with great sorrow, that I ponder this passage…for many, many misguided people, Christians, teachers, pastors alike, have violated this very vital verse.  

There are different ways to add to the Scriptures; it can be a book which is wickedly elevated (the book of Mormon, the Koran, the New World Translation).  It can also be our own human rules and regulations, our behavioral burdens, that we place on the brethren.  The Jews of Jesus' day had taken the 10 commandments, and in their attempt to bring "practical application," they added 612 more commandments of their own; they were severely rebuked by Jesus (see Matthew 23).  

There are different ways to take-away from the Scriptures.  The "Jesus Seminar" is a group of 150 people, who went through the gospels, and of their own volition, decided what were genuinely the words of Jesus and what wasn't.  In the end, they erased 78% of Jesus' words! Others omit the full counsel of God, when forming doctrine (health, wealth and prosperity teachers are an example of this); When satan quoted Scripture to Jesus, He omitted 4 very important words from Psalm 91:11-12, and when Eve was deceived by the serpent, she left out 1 vital word (freely). 

Yes, every word, and every verse is vital…this is why Moses said what he said, in Deuteronomy 4:2 (c.r. Proverbs 30:6).  God issues a heavy warning, which I believe is applicable to the entirety of God's Word (Revelation 22:18-19) to those who tamper with His Truth…and so, – may God graciously strike fear into our hearts, to never, ever, ever play foot-lose and fancy-free, with the Holy Word of God!

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