July 18

1 Chronicles 26:12–27:34

In this section we see how meticulously organized the nation of Israel was under King David’s leadership. Gatekeepers (guards) assigned to every gate and vicinity. They had their version of Brinks, which took care of the protection, and transportation of treasures..these were things deducted to the House of the LORD (1 Chronicles 26:27).

How awesome to see the plethora of gifted people God provided (able and capable) to serve as leaders in the nation.

The military had a rotation of 24,000 who served one month out of the year – and then there were the officers and leaders of every tribe.

1 Chronicles 27:1 (NKJV) “And the children of Israel, according to their number, the heads of fathers’ houses, the captains of thousands and hundreds and their officers, served the king in every matter of the military divisions. These divisions came in and went out month by month throughout all the months of the year, each division having twenty-four thousand.”

There were men specifically assigned to the king’s treasuries, storehouses in the field, the cities, the villages, and in the fortress. There were the foremen in the fields, the vineyards, and olive groves. There were those assigned to the herds in various places, the camels, the donkeys, and flocks.

There were counselors, Joab was the king’s general, Hachmoni was with the king’s sons, and Hushai was the king’s companion (friend). We all need one…even the king. 

It’s good to be organized and it’s good to be “specialized.” David is symbolic of Jesus. We all have a “special” place. Where will you serve the Lord in His kingdom? It’s a blessing and a privilege to be a part of it, and just think (as you read all these names) GOD knows you by name and I’ll bet almost anything, there’s a book in heaven chronicling our lives too.

Romans 4:13–5:5

 Abraham believed God’s word, even though it seemed beyond hope, he was fully convinced that what God had promised He was also able to perform (Romans 4:17-22). That’s a perfect lesson on the nature of faith. As we keep our eyes on the Lord, and believe His Word, we will receive His promise. We believe He is able to save us now and forever, there really is a home being prepared for us in heaven.

Paul offers a partial conclusion to his teaching up to this point on salvation by faith in:

Romans 5:1 (NKJV) “Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Prior to salvation we were God’s enemies. After salvation we are His children and friends, we’ve made peace with God. That peace WITH God, should lead to the peace OF God. Do you have it? I pray you do (John 14:27; Isaiah 26:3).

Rejoice in your salvation by faith!

We should also rejoice in trials and tribulations (see also James 1:2-3) because the intention is to produce perseverance, which leads to character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. If we go through the trials with our eyes on the Lord, we won’t quit; if we don’t quit that gives God time…time to work on us, to mature us in His Word. He even proves Himself to us as life goes on. This maturity (character; i.e. changed life) offers us assurance that we really DO know the Lord (see 2 Corinthians 13:5; Hebrews 6:11; 2 Peter 1:10). You might remember those famous words of C.H. Spurgeon who said, “A faith that doesn’t change my behavior, will never change my destiny.”

Paul transitions into God’s love – after all, God’s love is the only reason any of us are saved. We know God’s love because of the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us, and has poured God’s love…into our hearts.

God loves you, as if you were the only one to love. Do you believe that?

God’s love is like the amazon river, flowing down to water a daisy. It’s overwhelming.

Jeremiah 31:3 (NKJV) “The LORD has appeared of old to me, saying: ‘Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.’”

Psalm 14:1-7

There are positional atheists and practical atheists. The positional atheist says with his lips, “There is no God.” The practical atheists says in his heart, “There is no God,” and his life reflects that. The symptoms of practical atheism range anywhere from evil works, to evil worry.

How foolish to say in our heads or our hearts, “There is no God.” Fools!

One day God will make believers of everyone, but for most, it will be too late.

The LORD is looking for people who truly seek Him, who truly understand. Apart from God, no one does, no not one. But the moment we’re saved, the journey begins. Believers do seek the Lord. God should be first in our lives, and we should seek Him with all of our hearts (Matthew 6:33; Jeremiah 29:13).

This Psalm is a wake-up call, for all non-believers to beware, and all believers to be comforted and focused by faith.

Let Jacob rejoice and Israel be glad.

Proverbs 19:17

A common theme woven within the Proverbs is God’s heart for the poor. If we lend, or give to the poor, it’s as if we’re giving to God Himself. God promises to bless the generous and compassionate heart.

If you have any questions or comments on today’s reading, or you’d like to share something the Lord showed you, feel free to leave a reply below. I’d love to hear from you as we grow forward in 2021.

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