Reflections – Exodus 32

(Suggested reading – Exodus 32)

Tragically 40 days was too long for these impatient people to wait for Moses and God. Aaron completely lacked all aspects of Spiritual Leadership and rather than lead, he followed the people.

After all that the LORD had done for them, they turned away so quickly. In Exodus 32:6 the word “play” is in reference to perversity. God saw everything, so He sent Moses down while disowning the people (in one sense, Exodus 32:7). Moses interceded, mentioning to the LORD that they were in all reality HIS people (Exodus 32:11).

In His justice God could have consumed Israel, but in His grace and by the intercession of Moses, God spared them. Moses prayed for God’s glory and He prayed God’s Word. The tablets were broken because the people had broken the Law. Moses teaches us/me the importance of leadership in that Aaron was to blame for not restraining the people (Exodus 32:25). Aaron even lied in how the idols were fashioned. Moses ground the idols to powder and made the people drink shameful shakes illustrating the consequences of forgiven sin (Galatians 6:7). Moses would stand in the gap…once again.

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