Reflection – Matthew 28

(Suggested reading – Matthew 28)

I’ve always admired the ladies for loving our Lord the way they did, willing to anoint His body early that Sunday morning. God blessed them for the heart they had, and it came to pass, they were the first witnesses to the resurrection of Christ! Initially it was surreal, it was a mixture of fear and great joy. Can you imagine what was going through their minds?

The instruction from the angel was to “go and tell”; the instruction from Jesus, was to “go and tell”…I have a hunch the instruction for us is the same.

When the ladies saw the Lord, they worshipped Him (Mathew 28:9)…it’s something they had been doing all along.

With the most wonderful truth in the history of the world about to stare them square in the face, the religious leaders chose to deny it, and in that foolishness denied life. They bribed the soldiers and appeased the governor. It’s tragic what pride, power, and money can buy.

When the eleven disciples saw Jesus, they also worshipped Him (yes He is God), but some doubted…just keeping it real. Jesus dealt with the doubts of Thomas in John 20:24-29.

How beautiful the Great Commission is! Jesus, the One with ALL authority is with us wherever we go, and that we must do – He commands us to GO, preach the Gospel and make disciples of ALL nations. Help us Lord, to do just that.

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