Prayer Request ~ For My Mom


When I took this photo with my mom, I was 20 pounds heavier (I had to tell you that) and everything seemed "fine" (little did I know).  

Approximately 1 month ago my mom (Lupe) was diagnosed with Lyphoma Cancer.  At first I was in denial, "it can't be"…but it is.

The doctor says that "it's treatable and there is a good chance for recovery"…and so, she began chemotherapy.  It's really taken it's toll.  She's in a lot of pain and she's lost her appetite.  She has sores throughout her mouth, and that makes it even more difficult to eat. Her last blood test was so bad that she's back in the hospital (as of last night).  Since my mom has taken medication for the past 40 years (she was in a terrible car accident when I was 1), she's not your typical patient…she acutally is in many ways, a medical mystery.  

But thankfully, not for the Lord.  The good thing though all this is that she's trusting the Lord and has yielded herself to whatever His will is.  I just thought I would post this as a prayer request, in times like this we're so vividly reminded – the Lord is our only hope.  So "…I give myself to prayer…" 

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