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A little “Talk” with my Son Aaron

It was a big-time blessing sitting down with my son Aaron and just talking about a myriad of topics. I asked him what was it like being raised as a pastor’s kid (PK)? We talked about Daniel and Esther, about social Media, Calculus, education, the nuances of the King James Version…and other things that came to our hearts.

Aaron and I have some pretty stimulating conversations at home, so these were more like bullet points, abbreviated glimpses into the dynamics of some of those conversations. You’ll notice he’s not like me in that he’s extremely articulate and able to remember details on a variety of topics, but I praise God that he is like me in that he’s placed his faith in Jesus Christ. Both of us are still on this journey, so please pray we stay the course.

Shelly’s Devotional on Faith (IG Post)



The other day, God reminded me of how personal He is.

In between services I was walking through the Sanctuary on a Sunday morning and I noticed a piece of trash on the ground. As I bent over to pick it up, I realized that it was actually a toothpick sealed in plastic, so I just put it in my pocket and pretty much forgot about it.

After the second service I was in the back office and my daughter came in – she looked troubled. She was, and she asked in a somewhat desperate tone of voice, “Dad, do you have any dental floss?” Now, I usually have dental floss in a little red box but she said, “Dad, I checked there – you’re all out!”

My heart went out to her. Apparently she had something really stuck in her teeth, but she couldn’t get it out, so she was bummed out, because I was all out of dental floss.

But then I remembered – wait a minute – earlier that morning I had found a toothpick on the ground, sealed in plastic! So I reached into my pocket, gave her the toothpick, she was able to clean between her teeth, smiled, and said “thanks dad,” and walked out of the office.

When she walked out, I bowed my head and worshipped. “Wow, God – You are so personal! You care enough to provide a toothpick like this, cause You knew that my daughter would be in this situation, hard for her to handle – You really do see, hear, and know, ALL about us!”

Later that day I asked the Lord why He didn’t simply have my daughter find the toothpick. And I sensed the Lord say to me, “Because you’re her dad, and as her dad I will give you what you need to give to her.”

Thank You Lord for being such a personal God! (Psalm 56:8; 139:1-6; Luke 12:7; 1 Peter 5:7).



Getting ready to teach out of 1 John tomorrow. I really want to love the way the Lord commands me…so here I go…pouring out my heart, I’m thinking out loud – please pray for me, on this issue of love:

1. First of all, I simply need to examine my life; do I really, truly, honestly, genuinely love God and others? This determines whether I know the Lord or not (not my profession or position).

2. Do I believe and receive God’s love for me? This is the only place true love can start – the cross of Calvary, for me, always and eternally.

3. Do I Love God (which manifests itself primarily in obedience – John 14:15, 21-23; an overall, general life of obedience)? When I love God, my life of loving others must not violate my life of loving God – even though oftentimes my love for God will manifest itself in loving others – there is a distinction. What are His commands, and what are His demands of me; how about personal convictions? Am I obeying?

4. Do I love my family? My life of loving others must not violate my life of loving my family, due to that priority. What are their needs (Shelly, Ariel, and Aaron); do I even know their needs, am I doing my part in meeting their needs?

5. Do I love the brethren and the lost (others – in general)? Who is the Lord laying on my heart – who, and how am I to love them?

I’m not 100% sure, but I often think I’m just too busy to love like I should. Maybe I should take some things off of my plate, and delegate. If it’s God’s will, it will be the best thing for everyone involved!

How bout you? Do you know God’s love for you? Do you really love God, your family, and others? Let’s be lovers and love, let’s impact this world for their good, and of course, foremost, for the glory of God!



I was so blessed to have my son, Aaron, go with me to the Men’s Retreat this year! This was his first one, and even though he needed a little more than a nudge to go, I think overall, he had a good time!

I remember when he was a little boy, like most little boys, Daddy was his hero. I used to hold him, hug him, carry him and bury him with tickles and time. Now that he’s 16 he doesn’t let me hold or hug him as much, he’s a little too heavy to carry, and tickles are pretty much out of the question – but I’m just so thankful to God, I’m still able to have “time” with my son. Granted, he doesn’t let me “bury” him with time, but we do have our moments, and the moments together are beyond special to me. 

I encourage all you parents to not only find the time, but take the time, and if necessary make the time to be with your kids, and point them to the Lord. Cuz’, eventually the time will come when they’re no longer “children,” but rather men and women – even all grown up.

“Lord, please have Your hand upon my son. I thank You that He belongs to You, that he’s been born from above in Your love. As he grows into that man of God You’ve called Him to be, I pray that You would grant him the grace, the strength, and the wisdom, that come only from You…His unfailing, wonderful, heavenly Father. In Jesus Name I pray for my son (sorry it’s hard to let go 🙂 Amen.”



So we just pulled in and parked at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs. When I got out of the car, a brother happened to be walking through the parking lot and came up to me and told me that he had a gift card with my name on it, to use at the bookstore. Since funds were not necessarily “flowing” for us, this was joyfully received as a bountiful blessing from the Lord…it really helped us out! Prior to that, we were thinking about getting some really cheap gifts – but after that we were able to bless a few people, as we had been blessed.

Now, seriously, what are the odds of us parking at the same time this brother just happens to be walking through that portion of the parking lot with a gift card for me? Some might downplay it, some might doubt it – calling it a “coincidence,” but I know all-too-well, that it was the Lord once again reminding me that He knows EVERYTHING about us – our precise geography, our place financially…in all reality, He knows every need we have, every tear we cry, every thought we think, every we burden we bear, and in His gracious sovereignty, He will allow us to cross paths with people at just the right time, in order to accomplish His purposes.

Take heart, Christian, His eyes are always upon you!

2012 Rose Parade – “God’s Promise for All”

God's PromiseFor the first time in our history, the Coronilla clan was blessed to attend the Rose Parade as a family. Some kind friends of ours, actually gave us tickets where we could see and enjoy the parade up-close and personal – it was sooo cool! I discovered that it's completely different when you're acutally there – in person – as opposed to watching it on television. I especially enjoyed the marching bands, when they're playing and passing by you can "feel" the music – the drums, the horns, the wind instruments – a great experience.

Of course my favorite part was just being with my family, I thank God for opporutunities to be togther and to make memories. A close second for me was the float called, "God's Promise for All" (photo above). This float was such an awesome witness for the world to see, for millions to ponder the promise of God, that if they would only place their faith in Jesus Christ, turning from their sin, and trusting in God's Son, then they will be saved. In the end, this is what it's all about, and this should be the point of every parade!

I'm so grateful to God for His Son and for His people, willing to penetrate every sliver of society and tell of Jesus – the Lord and Savior of the world. Keep it up Christians, be creative, be consistent, pray and think outside of the box, how can we be the salt of the earth and lights in this world? How can we reach the lost with the message of God's love? Pray about it…really pray…the Lord will show you your part of His plan – and the people He wants you to somehow speak "Jesus" to.

After the parade we stumbled upon a restaurant called "Roscoes Chicken and Waffles." You gotta try it, take your friends, take your family, make a memory 🙂

(John 3:16; Matthew 5:13-16; Proverbs 11:30)