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A little “Talk” with my Son Aaron

It was a big-time blessing sitting down with my son Aaron and just talking about a myriad of topics. I asked him what was it like being raised as a pastor’s kid (PK)? We talked about Daniel and Esther, about social Media, Calculus, education, the nuances of the King James Version…and other things that came to our hearts.

Aaron and I have some pretty stimulating conversations at home, so these were more like bullet points, abbreviated glimpses into the dynamics of some of those conversations. You’ll notice he’s not like me in that he’s extremely articulate and able to remember details on a variety of topics, but I praise God that he is like me in that he’s placed his faith in Jesus Christ. Both of us are still on this journey, so please pray we stay the course.

A Fortified Marriage

Recently Shelly and I were super blessed and humbled to share at a Marriage Retreat. We decided to do a summary on three takeaways. Fortified by being Justified. Fortified by being Sanctified. And Fortified by being Crucified. Here are a few things that are crucial for anyone…not just those who are married.

LoveTalks, from our Calvary Chapel El Monte YouTube Channel