The other day, God reminded me of how personal He is.

In between services I was walking through the Sanctuary on a Sunday morning and I noticed a piece of trash on the ground. As I bent over to pick it up, I realized that it was actually a toothpick sealed in plastic, so I just put it in my pocket and pretty much forgot about it.

After the second service I was in the back office and my daughter came in – she looked troubled. She was, and she asked in a somewhat desperate tone of voice, “Dad, do you have any dental floss?” Now, I usually have dental floss in a little red box but she said, “Dad, I checked there – you’re all out!”

My heart went out to her. Apparently she had something really stuck in her teeth, but she couldn’t get it out, so she was bummed out, because I was all out of dental floss.

But then I remembered – wait a minute – earlier that morning I had found a toothpick on the ground, sealed in plastic! So I reached into my pocket, gave her the toothpick, she was able to clean between her teeth, smiled, and said “thanks dad,” and walked out of the office.

When she walked out, I bowed my head and worshipped. “Wow, God – You are so personal! You care enough to provide a toothpick like this, cause You knew that my daughter would be in this situation, hard for her to handle – You really do see, hear, and know, ALL about us!”

Later that day I asked the Lord why He didn’t simply have my daughter find the toothpick. And I sensed the Lord say to me, “Because you’re her dad, and as her dad I will give you what you need to give to her.”

Thank You Lord for being such a personal God! (Psalm 56:8; 139:1-6; Luke 12:7; 1 Peter 5:7).

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