Getting ready to teach out of 1 John tomorrow. I really want to love the way the Lord commands me…so here I go…pouring out my heart, I’m thinking out loud – please pray for me, on this issue of love:

1. First of all, I simply need to examine my life; do I really, truly, honestly, genuinely love God and others? This determines whether I know the Lord or not (not my profession or position).

2. Do I believe and receive God’s love for me? This is the only place true love can start – the cross of Calvary, for me, always and eternally.

3. Do I Love God (which manifests itself primarily in obedience – John 14:15, 21-23; an overall, general life of obedience)? When I love God, my life of loving others must not violate my life of loving God – even though oftentimes my love for God will manifest itself in loving others – there is a distinction. What are His commands, and what are His demands of me; how about personal convictions? Am I obeying?

4. Do I love my family? My life of loving others must not violate my life of loving my family, due to that priority. What are their needs (Shelly, Ariel, and Aaron); do I even know their needs, am I doing my part in meeting their needs?

5. Do I love the brethren and the lost (others – in general)? Who is the Lord laying on my heart – who, and how am I to love them?

I’m not 100% sure, but I often think I’m just too busy to love like I should. Maybe I should take some things off of my plate, and delegate. If it’s God’s will, it will be the best thing for everyone involved!

How bout you? Do you know God’s love for you? Do you really love God, your family, and others? Let’s be lovers and love, let’s impact this world for their good, and of course, foremost, for the glory of God!

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