I was so blessed to have my son, Aaron, go with me to the Men’s Retreat this year! This was his first one, and even though he needed a little more than a nudge to go, I think overall, he had a good time!

I remember when he was a little boy, like most little boys, Daddy was his hero. I used to hold him, hug him, carry him and bury him with tickles and time. Now that he’s 16 he doesn’t let me hold or hug him as much, he’s a little too heavy to carry, and tickles are pretty much out of the question – but I’m just so thankful to God, I’m still able to have “time” with my son. Granted, he doesn’t let me “bury” him with time, but we do have our moments, and the moments together are beyond special to me. 

I encourage all you parents to not only find the time, but take the time, and if necessary make the time to be with your kids, and point them to the Lord. Cuz’, eventually the time will come when they’re no longer “children,” but rather men and women – even all grown up.

“Lord, please have Your hand upon my son. I thank You that He belongs to You, that he’s been born from above in Your love. As he grows into that man of God You’ve called Him to be, I pray that You would grant him the grace, the strength, and the wisdom, that come only from You…His unfailing, wonderful, heavenly Father. In Jesus Name I pray for my son (sorry it’s hard to let go 🙂 Amen.”

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