So we just pulled in and parked at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs. When I got out of the car, a brother happened to be walking through the parking lot and came up to me and told me that he had a gift card with my name on it, to use at the bookstore. Since funds were not necessarily “flowing” for us, this was joyfully received as a bountiful blessing from the Lord…it really helped us out! Prior to that, we were thinking about getting some really cheap gifts – but after that we were able to bless a few people, as we had been blessed.

Now, seriously, what are the odds of us parking at the same time this brother just happens to be walking through that portion of the parking lot with a gift card for me? Some might downplay it, some might doubt it – calling it a “coincidence,” but I know all-too-well, that it was the Lord once again reminding me that He knows EVERYTHING about us – our precise geography, our place financially…in all reality, He knows every need we have, every tear we cry, every thought we think, every we burden we bear, and in His gracious sovereignty, He will allow us to cross paths with people at just the right time, in order to accomplish His purposes.

Take heart, Christian, His eyes are always upon you!

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