We made it to Singapore!!!

We're at the airport in Singapore, so blessed! In 5 hours we take our final plane which lands in Cambodia! 1 hour flight – God, please do a great work – "What I don't know, teach me; what I don't have, give me; what I am not, make me." May we not come home EVEN the same, closer to the Lord, used by, and spent for Jesus! On the plane I worked through 5 chapters of Warren Wiersbe's new book, "On Being a Leader for God" – great book! Saw a study by Alistair Begg, and did some other reading and fellowshipping… "Lord, prepare my heart, may I have an overflowing love."


2 thoughts on “We made it to Singapore!!!”

  1. Thank you, Jesus…for the work that You are doing now, and for what You are going to do in Cambodia!!! Praise be to our most gracious God! Prayin’ for you all!

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