Bound for Cambodia

Get-attachment.aspx Here's a group photo of the 12 of us that are bound for Cambodia. I was absolutely amazed with all the people that came out to pray for us, to kind of – "send us off" – with so much love and so many words of encouragement. It really is  those prayers that reach the heart of God, that make a difference in the hearts of all the people! I was also overwhelmingly amazed that the Lord had us in Luke 9:1-6 on Sunday…Jesus sending out the 12!!!! It's good to know that there's no word for "coincidence" in the Hebrew language. God doesn't need to, but He so graciously reminds time and time again, that He's with us…which is all that really matters. 

Please pray for the family and the flock that will be left behind, for those of us that get to go, but most of all for the people of Cambodia, that they will be open to the saving name of Jesus, and that the Lord does a great work in every heart!

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