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Bogota, Colombia and the Whosoevers!

Here are just a handful of highlights…pulled from a million different things God was doing on this trip. No exaggeration, it was amazing in so many ways! Somewhere between 95-98% of the youth responded to the testimony and Gospel invitation from Ryan Ries to receive Christ – people were saved on the streets, in schools, in churches, outreach – it was very ACTive – praying it all sparks a revival (I know it did in my heart). And then on top of that, how cool it was to hang out with all these guys!


Let’s live it to give it.

Mark 10:45, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

I love what one dear brother said, “Jesus didn’t come to live His life, He came to give His life.” And although His was the best life ever lived, the perfect life, the sinless life, the model life, exemplary in all ways – at the end of the day it wasn’t His life that ransomed us, it was His death. The Son of God was born to die for every person who’s ever lived, He gave His life “a ransom for all” (1 Timothy 2:6).

What a contrast to the mentality most men have nowadays, even Christians. People throwing themselves pity parties because things aren’t going according to their script; cry-baby-Christians who refuse to follow the Lord – they won’t take up their cross and die to self.

It’s imperative to know that we will be tested as Christians, the question is, will we pass those tests? Will we deny ourselves as disciples of Christ, willing to follow the One who gave His life a ransom? Or will we merely be men who “ran some,” but didn’t give it all? Men who didn’t really finish the race we were called to run.

The Ransom was ultimately delivered when Mount Calvary was stained red with buckets of God’s blood, poured out as payment on our behalf (Acts 20:28; Revelation 1:5). We who had been taken captive by Satan, and were without a sliver of hope (Ephesians 2:2-4) were rescued, redeemed, liberated, and loved. Praise God – as Christians, we now belong to Him!

But now…what will we do?

The context of Mark 10:45 is Jesus calling His men to a mission of service – that we’d conform our will to His and be willing to suffer, and sacrifice, for the sake of the Gospel. Although we aren’t called to die meritoriously, we are called to live sacrificially – the question is, will we answer that call?

In all honesty I’ve been blessed with a good life, but I’ve come to realize that the best way to live it, is to give it – ALL – to my Lord.

“O Father please help me…please help us all, to answer Your call.

~ Manny


Cambodia Bound

June 15, 2015

Cambodia Bound

Acts 13:3 “Then, having fasted and prayed, and laid hands on them, they sent them away.”

As I type these words I’m just hours away from heading out to a short-term mission’s trip from El Monte to Cambodia (over 8,000 miles away). We’re hoping to keep you posted for the next couple of weeks on the different things we will be doing while we’re over there – primarily because we are so desperate for prayer, we can’t do anything without God (John 15:5)!

In our text for today, we actually see the birth of Paul’s various missionary journeys – journeys that will spread the gospel and actually see souls saved. There’s no way Paul and Barnabas could have done this on their own, and it’s for that reason the church was intimately involved praying, and even fasting.

So I’m writing and I’m pleading that you’d remember us in prayer. As the Holy Spirit brings us to your hearts, please bring us, and our families, before the Lord. Ask that God would protect, direct, and perfect (work in us, and through us). Pray that we might be filled with the Holy Spirit, and be granted wisdom and power…aware of His constant presence. And please pray that God would open doors and hearts – that we would be sensitive to seize those opportunities by faith; that the lost would be saved, and that the church would be strengthened.

I believe your prayers will carry us all the way to Cambodia and back (Philemon 22), and fill in the gaps with nothing less than Almighty God Himself, every single step of the way – so thank you in advance for your willingness to be a part of this mission’s trip with us. We will be praying for you too – after all – our lives as Christians are missions, no matter where you are.

Your brother in Christ,


Cambodia Schmitz Family

This was our 3rd time in Cambodia and it seems like each time it simply gets better and better! What a blessing to preach the gospel, to teach the Word, to visit orphans, to provide benevolence to the poor, to fellowship with absolutely amazing Christians, to encourage missionaries (and be encouraged), and to get “zapped” with God’s work through us, yes – but primarily in us!

You might not be called to GO as a long-term missionary, but you are called to SEND (Romans 10:13-15). And if you can’t go LONG-TERM, there’s no better way to be shaken out of your comfort zone, than leaving your time zone, find out what missions is all about, and go on a SHORT-TERM mission’s trip. Really pray about it!

Matthew 28:19-20 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen.”

(The 1st photo is of a group of Pastors, Teachers, Leaders, and their wives, I had the privilege of sharing with, in a remote village close to Vietnam. The 2nd photo is the Schmitz family, our dear missionaries in Cambodia – please remember them in your prayers!)

2012 Rose Parade – “God’s Promise for All”

God's PromiseFor the first time in our history, the Coronilla clan was blessed to attend the Rose Parade as a family. Some kind friends of ours, actually gave us tickets where we could see and enjoy the parade up-close and personal – it was sooo cool! I discovered that it's completely different when you're acutally there – in person – as opposed to watching it on television. I especially enjoyed the marching bands, when they're playing and passing by you can "feel" the music – the drums, the horns, the wind instruments – a great experience.

Of course my favorite part was just being with my family, I thank God for opporutunities to be togther and to make memories. A close second for me was the float called, "God's Promise for All" (photo above). This float was such an awesome witness for the world to see, for millions to ponder the promise of God, that if they would only place their faith in Jesus Christ, turning from their sin, and trusting in God's Son, then they will be saved. In the end, this is what it's all about, and this should be the point of every parade!

I'm so grateful to God for His Son and for His people, willing to penetrate every sliver of society and tell of Jesus – the Lord and Savior of the world. Keep it up Christians, be creative, be consistent, pray and think outside of the box, how can we be the salt of the earth and lights in this world? How can we reach the lost with the message of God's love? Pray about it…really pray…the Lord will show you your part of His plan – and the people He wants you to somehow speak "Jesus" to.

After the parade we stumbled upon a restaurant called "Roscoes Chicken and Waffles." You gotta try it, take your friends, take your family, make a memory 🙂

(John 3:16; Matthew 5:13-16; Proverbs 11:30)

Truth & Treat

Truth & Treat

What a blessing we had at Truth & Treat at CCEM last night! Here is a pic of Nest's mom and me – she's such a beautiful person…I love this photo! I had the privilege of presenting the Cross of Christ as the theme for my trunk. I was soooo blessed in sharing Jesus' cross with all the kids from the church as well as visitors and non believers from the community. I was also blown away at the absolutely amazing labor of love from so many servants at CCEM! Thank You Jesus – we love You!!!


Cambodia Contemplation

IMG_1581 Among the many, many things that the Lord is doing while we're here in Cambodia, is bringing new people into our hearts. The missionaries, leaders and young men of Water of Life, the orphans we've got to spend time with – they're soooo beautiful – some of them I've gotten to know a little better, and they've stolen my heart.  

This photo is of Pastor Hung and Pastor T. Pastor Hung (left) is originally from Vietnam, but 10 years ago he planted a church here in Cambodia, God is doing a great work through him; we will be giving away rice at the church he pastors, on Sunday…please pray that many will come to Christ. He has a heart to reach the world for Christ, including Vietnam and Thailand.

Pastor T (right) is the new Pastor in the village of Prey Veng; this is where we worked on the church structure on Wednesday and Thursday. Please remember him in your prayers as he embraces such a huge responsibility.

May we never forget that the main aspect of life is relationships. First our relationship with God, then our immediate family, then the people that God brings into our lives. I now am that much richer with so many beautiful people from the beautiful country of Cambodia!

Cambodia – Day 2


What a blessing today was. At 7am we embarked on a 2 1/2 hour journey to Prey Veng, to do a medical outreach. Simple things we take for granted like vitamins, aspirin, ointment, antibiotics…shoes – are things these people don't have. One missionary told me that the province of Prey Veng is the poorest place in Cambodia. What an absolute blessing and honor it was to serve these beautiful people! You've got to check out the photos (Cambodia – day 2).

One incident that stood out, was a little boy whose feet were infected; some of the team washed and treated the bottom of his feet, but then I noticed he went on his way, without shoes…it broke my heart. We've decided to bring shoes to the children when we return to Prey Veng on Wednesday.

The photo shown here is a young man named Rachna, he's 18 years old, and today he prayed to receive Christ as His Savior! Praise God!!!! The other young man is Steven, he is a missionary here, and a translator.

We ended the night with a time of worship and the study of the Word with the youth…what an absolute blessing it was…so many youth in the middle of this big-time Buddhist stronghold, learning of and worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for you prayers….and please, continue to pray!

Cambodia – Day 1


We finally made it to Cambodia! It took us 27 hours to get here, but man, is it worth it! It was a long journey, but the Lord had me check my heart – how difficult it is sometimes to get out of our comfort zone, sometimes we need to get out of our time zone.

Today we got to know the area a little bit, we got into the Word, spent some time in prayer and worship it was so cool. We met so many beautiful people; The weather's a little hot and humid, and completely perfect.

I thought I would post a real quick video on us getting ready for a medical outreach tomorrow…we spent some time packing medicine and things we're going to be giving to the people – we leave for the village of Prey Veng tomorrow at 6am…please keep it in prayer!