Cambodia Bound

June 15, 2015

Cambodia Bound

Acts 13:3 “Then, having fasted and prayed, and laid hands on them, they sent them away.”

As I type these words I’m just hours away from heading out to a short-term mission’s trip from El Monte to Cambodia (over 8,000 miles away). We’re hoping to keep you posted for the next couple of weeks on the different things we will be doing while we’re over there – primarily because we are so desperate for prayer, we can’t do anything without God (John 15:5)!

In our text for today, we actually see the birth of Paul’s various missionary journeys – journeys that will spread the gospel and actually see souls saved. There’s no way Paul and Barnabas could have done this on their own, and it’s for that reason the church was intimately involved praying, and even fasting.

So I’m writing and I’m pleading that you’d remember us in prayer. As the Holy Spirit brings us to your hearts, please bring us, and our families, before the Lord. Ask that God would protect, direct, and perfect (work in us, and through us). Pray that we might be filled with the Holy Spirit, and be granted wisdom and power…aware of His constant presence. And please pray that God would open doors and hearts – that we would be sensitive to seize those opportunities by faith; that the lost would be saved, and that the church would be strengthened.

I believe your prayers will carry us all the way to Cambodia and back (Philemon 22), and fill in the gaps with nothing less than Almighty God Himself, every single step of the way – so thank you in advance for your willingness to be a part of this mission’s trip with us. We will be praying for you too – after all – our lives as Christians are missions, no matter where you are.

Your brother in Christ,

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