On the Plane

Took off to Cambodia today – there’s 9 of us in flight, meeting up with Eleazar in Singapore. Our first layover will be in Tokyo, then Singapore, then we arrive in Phnom Penh, where we’ll be for a couple of days – but most of our time will be in the Province of Takeo.
The flight (11 hours to Tokyo) has been very nice – I highly recommend Singapore Air.

I did some Bible reading and was super-blessed to not only have an aisle seat, but to sit next to Alex. He has an amazing testimony. God has been intensively working in his life the last 1 ½ years especially – drawing him close to Christ, making it deep, real, and personal. The Lord has used personal trials, the church, the Young Adults Ministry, and especially Carlos to minister to him. I’m overwhelmingly blessed with the fire and Spiritual maturity he has already developed in a short time and at such a young age.

Thank You Lord for all You’ve already done – from El Monte to Cambodia, in every place, province, and person who allows You to work deep in their lives! Please keep working in and through Your people. You promised to do just that and we praise You in advance, giving to You all the glory and honor due to Your holy name.

Praying for my family, the flock, for Cambodia, and praying for my own heart – big time!

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