Cambodia Contemplation

IMG_1581 Among the many, many things that the Lord is doing while we're here in Cambodia, is bringing new people into our hearts. The missionaries, leaders and young men of Water of Life, the orphans we've got to spend time with – they're soooo beautiful – some of them I've gotten to know a little better, and they've stolen my heart.  

This photo is of Pastor Hung and Pastor T. Pastor Hung (left) is originally from Vietnam, but 10 years ago he planted a church here in Cambodia, God is doing a great work through him; we will be giving away rice at the church he pastors, on Sunday…please pray that many will come to Christ. He has a heart to reach the world for Christ, including Vietnam and Thailand.

Pastor T (right) is the new Pastor in the village of Prey Veng; this is where we worked on the church structure on Wednesday and Thursday. Please remember him in your prayers as he embraces such a huge responsibility.

May we never forget that the main aspect of life is relationships. First our relationship with God, then our immediate family, then the people that God brings into our lives. I now am that much richer with so many beautiful people from the beautiful country of Cambodia!

3 thoughts on “Cambodia Contemplation”

  1. Wow!!! God is sooo moving over there!!! What a blessing to hear what He has done so far n will continue to do. By looking at their faces, you can tell they have the joy of the Lord which is their strength!!! I will be keeping my bros over there in prayer, for God to b glorified through the moving of His Spirit on these lands that are sooo precious to Him and now to us at CCEM!!! Glory to God!!! Love U Babe, Mia (shelly) 😉

  2. Thank you for the updates, Manny! How precious is this work that the Lord is doing!!! Praying for the pastors and the group. May God’s Spirit continue to move among you all…I am in awe of His amazing love. Blessings to the brothers and sisters..give Olga a hug for me!!!

  3. Thanks Shelly and Debra, your care is evident. I really believe that so much of what God is doing over here, is because of what His people are doing over there! Thanks so much for your prayers!!!!! Glory to God!

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