John 6?

Question mark A dear sister sent me this question via Facebook:

"In context, does John chapter 6 have anything to do with communion?"

I gave her a brief response. "No. John 6 deals with salvation, but communion is contemplation. It's important to remember that the Gospel of John is filled with visuals (born again, living water) that the people mistakenly took literally. If one uses John 6 for communion and takes it literally, they make the same mistake today that the people were making back then, and they might end up with a deceptive doctrine such as transubstantiation. John 6 is written that we might believe in Jesus and His work for our salvation (John 6:29); His words were Spiritual and not physical (John 6:63)."

She responded. "Ok good. The Holy Spirit had me on the right track. That's exactly what my Catholic cousin was trying to tell me…the whole eucharist thing. But I told him it was about salvation, etc. and nothing to do with communion." 

May our Lord continue to teach us His Word; my prayer is that all who read this, would believe and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!

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  1. Thanks Henry, you’re funny. I was thnking about graphics and graffiti, how you kinda do graffiti for God…and it’s very cool!

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