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What if we Gave it ALL to God?

I’ve been pondering and meditating on what it would look like if I completely rendered my life to God?

Among other things it would include, surrendering all my thoughts, 100% of my eyes, everything that goes into my ears, the taming of my tongue (words), all “my” time, talents, treasures – all my decisions…myself would “die” to self.

And what would happen if I did that, gave it ALL to God?

I want to find out.

This is the life of obedience that the Lord deserves. I am created in His image, and I am therefore to give Him all that I am.

A Heavy question about Heaven

Warren Wiersbe said, “Heaven is not just a destination, it’s a motivation.” It’s good to think about heaven, it helps us to know that earth is not our home, it also moves us to reach out.

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The Most Asked Questions in America


Okay, so I just read an article that covered the most googled questions for all 50 states in the USA. Wow, what a wide spectrum of questions we have from sea to shining sea, and like the sea, they’re deep – big time!

Here’s a sample:

Alabama: “What is love?”

Florida: “What is my life purpose?”

Idaho: “What is the relationship between religion and science?”

Illinois: “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

Indiana: “When will the world end?”

Louisiana: “Is masturbation a sin?”

These are some deep questions, far beyond what we might typically suspect people are asking nowadays. Love, life, purpose, religion, science and sin? Hmmm, maybe people aren’t as superficial as we thought, at least not deep down inside, or in the privacy of their own keyboards and computer screens. Perhaps people really are looking for answers to the big questions of life.

As I was reading, I noticed, many of those winning questions had to do with death. For example in Montana and New Hampshire the top question asked was, “What happens when you die?” Massachusetts was similar, “Is there life after death?” Here in California they asked, “Why do we have to die?” And then my heart just sank when I read the most asked questions in the state of Maine: “Why do I want to die?” and New Mexico, “How to commit suicide.”

Maybe you have some of those same questions. If you do, I just want you to know that there is a God who loves you and has a lot of life for you to live. Please, don’t give up. I know, I know…it’s so hard sometimes, and it’s harder to believe when you’ve gone through those epic tragedies that rock our world. But I know a mom who lost her little boy to cancer, I know a woman who was raped, I know a young mommy whose child was molested, I know a grip of sons who have never met their dads, and all of them are living their lives with purpose, not necessarily understanding everything, but finding a supernatural healing for their hearts from the God of the universe. You need to know that God is able to take even the tragedies and calamities of life, and somehow, someway, turn them into victories. I’m not saying that the event itself was good, not at all, but it can be used for good as we trust over time (Romans 8:28). Remember, we’re not home yet, “we’re fish out of water,” and keep in mind that pure and perpetual good will only be found in our homes in heaven.

Maybe your mind is messing with you; if so, you’re not alone, it could be drugs, demons, or flat out depression; all I can tell you is that there is power in the Name of Jesus. He died for you on a cross, they put Him in a grave, but He rose from the dead 3 days later. If you put your trust in Him you will be saved and set free; you’ll find hope and healing for your heart. Jesus is real, He’s alive, and He’s right here for you.

Its not just you, your keyboard, and your computer screen…God is there, God is here.

Acts 2:21 “And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.”

Whoever you are, I want you to know the reason I write is because I love you, and the God who made you is right here just waiting for you to come to Him, because He loves you with a perfect love.

– Manny


A-Brazilian-Christian-is--004This is an amazing photo of a Brazilian Christian getting baptized in the Jordan River. The caption noted that this was the same river where Jesus was baptized.

Hmmm. Do you ever wonder why Jesus was baptized?

Well, first of all we know He did it, in part, to fulfill all righteousness (Matthew 3:15); Jesus, being our perfect example, set a pattern for us all to follow – baptism being a “part” of that pattern. He was baptized, and we should be too.

Secondly, theologians also tell us that Jesus was baptized in order to identify with the ministry of John the Baptist. Just as we identify with Christ when we’re baptized, Jesus identified with the message of this great messenger, John, who was sent to “prepare the way” (Isaiah 40:3; Mark 1:3). 

To fulfill all exemplary righteousness and as a public declaration of identification, Jesus was baptized; His public ministry was about to begin – thank You Lord, for all that You’ve done!

John 6?

Question mark A dear sister sent me this question via Facebook:

"In context, does John chapter 6 have anything to do with communion?"

I gave her a brief response. "No. John 6 deals with salvation, but communion is contemplation. It's important to remember that the Gospel of John is filled with visuals (born again, living water) that the people mistakenly took literally. If one uses John 6 for communion and takes it literally, they make the same mistake today that the people were making back then, and they might end up with a deceptive doctrine such as transubstantiation. John 6 is written that we might believe in Jesus and His work for our salvation (John 6:29); His words were Spiritual and not physical (John 6:63)."

She responded. "Ok good. The Holy Spirit had me on the right track. That's exactly what my Catholic cousin was trying to tell me…the whole eucharist thing. But I told him it was about salvation, etc. and nothing to do with communion." 

May our Lord continue to teach us His Word; my prayer is that all who read this, would believe and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!