A-Brazilian-Christian-is--004This is an amazing photo of a Brazilian Christian getting baptized in the Jordan River. The caption noted that this was the same river where Jesus was baptized.

Hmmm. Do you ever wonder why Jesus was baptized?

Well, first of all we know He did it, in part, to fulfill all righteousness (Matthew 3:15); Jesus, being our perfect example, set a pattern for us all to follow – baptism being a “part” of that pattern. He was baptized, and we should be too.

Secondly, theologians also tell us that Jesus was baptized in order to identify with the ministry of John the Baptist. Just as we identify with Christ when we’re baptized, Jesus identified with the message of this great messenger, John, who was sent to “prepare the way” (Isaiah 40:3; Mark 1:3). 

To fulfill all exemplary righteousness and as a public declaration of identification, Jesus was baptized; His public ministry was about to begin – thank You Lord, for all that You’ve done!

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