On this side of time, it’s a “given” that you and I will travel though many valleys.

Over the years I’ve seen many, if not most people lose heart or allow the devil to thrust them through with his doubled-edged-sword of doubt and discouragement when they travel through those valleys. Please, don’t allow the whys and lies of Lucifer to rob you of what our good God desires to do – yes, even in the valleys.

Here’s a beautiful Scripture to hold on to – 2 Chroncicles 20:26, where we read that “…on the fourth day they assembled in the Valley of Berachah, for there they blessed the Lord; therefore the name of that place was called the Valley of Berachah until this day.”

The word “Berachah” means blessing! Imagine that, they were able to praise the Lord in the valley! They experienced the blessing, right there in the valley!

May we never forget, no matter how penetrating the pain is, that God has valuables in the valleys; and He intends for those valleys to be named, the Valley of Blessing, the Valley of Berachah!

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