2 thoughts on “Born out of Wedlock”

  1. Thank you, I appreciate your honesty. It was a great Live Talks(more like a Love Talks) I resonated with this discussion so much that I cried. You see I had my daughter out of wedlock and raised her a single mother. God saved me and Blessed me with my daughter. I had never been pregnant, didn’t think I could. Had I not gotten pregnant at that time in my life
    there’s a good chance I would not be here today. I was on a self destructive road, that surprised me I was even still alive at 34 to have her. I was awfully wild and a functioning alcoholic at the time. God saved me, Jesus forgave me.
    Thank you for your talks🙏

    1. Thanks for sharing Yvette. In the days leading up to the Livestream I had a sense that there would be people out there who could relate in different ways. Not that we’re advocating the mistakes of the past, but I’m in absolute awe of the Lord our God, who is able to make a message out of our mess. My heart especially goes out to single moms like yourself, praise God for your story of amazing grace!

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