A Christmas Carol

The Coronilla clan saw the movie, "A Christmas Carol" yesterday…and we thought it was pretty good.
Whenever I see a movie I have the tendency to look for Spiritual lessons and this one was full of them.

Case in point: How we need to be so careful not to live for money; how we need to be so careful not to lose our joy. How we need to do our best to love and live, knowing that we're all leaving behind a legacy…how will they remember me? Did I make a difference for good?

May God help us as Christians, to abound in generosity, to abound in joy (no Scrooges please), and to really make a difference in people's lives by freely giving out the love of Jesus Christ.

The 3D was cool, and the writing of Charles Dickens in "A Christmas Carol" is definitely classic. If you have an artistic side to you, I believe God can use this movie to stir you up! (2 Timothy 1:6)

A Christmas Carol

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