Coronilla Clan 2009

Family 2009_2 

Every year we take a photo as a family on Thanksgiving day…here we are in 2009. Ariel is 15, Aaron is 13, I am 43 and Shelly is still so young.  Wow…we've all changed/grown so much (except Shelly).  I figure by Spring of 2010 Aaron will actually be taller than me (especially if he keeps eating the way he has been).  The girls are beautiful as always…I just don't know what happened to me, gray hair, less hair (I shaved my head…oh well, Shelly likes it…that's the most important thing, huh?).

I just pray that we, as a family would love the Lord and love each other.  

If the Lord lays us on your heart…please keep us in prayer – that God would keep and touch our children – to love Him with all that we are.  That God would give Shelly and I wisdom, as we attempt to love and lead our family, for God's glory, and for their good!

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