Breaking the Chains

This last Sunday we met with a brother named Steven Cass – founder of the ministry "Breaking Chains." We are praying about teaming up with Steven and using the house we're renovating in Rosarito, Mexico to shelter girls that they rescue from slavery and prostitution. It's so heartbreaking when you discover the epidemic of human trafficking in Latin America. Please pray for this ministry, and pray that the Lord will show us His will. If you are interested in serving in construction in one of our work trips, or just ministering to the girls, please contact us. For more information on Breaking Chains you can go to

The very next day I received this email from one of the brothers in the congregation – Sean: 

"Manny, I met this band at the two day evangelist training class. Today I recieved this email from them. If you click on the link you can watch a video of their new song about women and children trafficking and slavery. Wow what timing after hearing the brother share today about the same thing!" ~ Sean

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