Our Wedding Vows

It was May 9, 1992 when Shelly and I made these vows to the Lord, before family and friends. May we never forget the vows we made to God. Ecclesiastes 5:5 says, "It is better not to vow than to vow and not to pay." 

I must say that I have had an absolutely wonderful and fulfilling life, because I've spent it with the one God made for me. He has His ways of reminding me of that, everyday. Shelly completes me – in Christ – we're truly husband and wife, ish and isha (she's actually my better half).  We've had some rough times, but the Lord and His amazing grace have always kept us…may God be glorified, and may He strengthen our marriage even more.

One thought on “Our Wedding Vows”

  1. Babe, I love you sooooo much!!! The Lord has truly formed us for each other. It’s been a little rough at times but the Lord has always been the One to smooth things out. He has been sooo good n gracious to us, He has literally spoiled us. Thank you my handsome prince for loving me all these years, I’m sure it’s been a job for you at times but you have been blessed by the Lord to do it!!!! Heeheehee, I love you sugar, Song of Solomon (2:10) Shelly (Mia) 😉

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